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Earlier in the year, Ed Sheeran wrote and performed a very special song called ‘Visiting Hours‘ for his late friend Michael Gudinski’s state funeral in Australia.

During the performance, Ed Sheeran broke down on stage and the emotional lyrics struck a chord with all sorts of people around the world who had lost somebody close to them.

Finally, following the release of his single ‘Bad Habits’, Ed has released ‘Visting Hours’.

Alongside the release of Ed’s heartfelt song, he released a statement: “It’s so hard to put into words how much Michael meant to me, and to all who knew him. I felt like I needed to try just so I could process it in my own head.”



[Verse 1]

I wish that Heaven had visiting hours

So I could just show up and bring the news

That she’s getting older and I wish that you’d met her

The things that she’ll learn from me, I got them all from you



Can I just stay a while and we’ll put all the world to rights?

The little ones will grow and I’ll still drink your favourite wine

And soon, they’re going to close, but I’ll see you another day

So much has changed since you’ve been away


[Verse 2]

I wish that Heaven had visiting hours

So I could just swing by and ask your advice

What would you do in my situation?

I hadn’t a clue how I’d even raise them

What would you do? ‘Cause you always do what’s right



Can we just talk a while until my worries disappear?

I’d tell you that I’m scared of turning out a failure

You’d say, “Remember that the answer’s in the love that we create”

So much has changed since you’ve been away


[Verse 3]

I wish that Heaven had visiting hours

And I would ask them if I could take you home

But I know what they’d say, that it’s for the best

So I will live life the way you taught me

And make it on my own



And I will close the door, but I will open up my heart

And everyone I love will know exactly who you are

‘Cause this is not goodbye, it is just ’til we meet again

So much has changed since you’ve been away

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